Mystic Secrets

Mystic Secrets

Slot machine test: Mystic secrets

What secrets is probably hiding behind this title? Basically the big surprises in Mystic secrets stay out, but that should not bother. It is only important that the design is high quality and very good chances of winning. Mystic secrets gives you the possibility, a very good Naidoo slots to use, where above all the free spin rounds have their charm and are good for the account. Graphically, Mystic secrets in a kind of medieval invites you and shines with beautifully designed motifs. Look just beautiful but less than is half the battle, and the distribution, values and functions of the symbols is also impressive and the slot machines make a solid Bank. Among other things you can do in the Star Games Casino the secret go, for free or real money mode.

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Mystic secrets online play

Like maybe the gains still in the dark are the rules and your goal anyway, not. Because here everything is quite clear. Your task is that the rollers roll in as possible to spin same symbols in a row. Of course, this is easier said than done, because you have no direct influence. At the end, it remains a matter of luck, but thanks to the good distributed symbols there are always smaller and bigger profits. It goes right in the full in Mystic secrets if you free games get.

The identical symbols may be not somewhere, but must obediently lined up and in on a payline. The first symbol of a number is always on the first reel. You know the line left the colorful figures. Each line consists of five areas, each of which is located on one of the five reels. In addition to the three horizontal lines, the other with diagonal steps run. If there are at least three identical symbols, from left, on a payline, there are profits, according to motif and usage. You can do also multiple profit in a round if multiple paylines are occupied. But no need to remember, where the lines are, because profits will automatically illuminate.

There is a very simple icons that are very often represented, but the least profitable. These include the well-known card game for letters and numbers. Here there's already more than just a line or three icons, really to make profit, because of course per round also the wager is deducted from the balance. With Quill and paper or the chandeliers, it is already much warmer for the account, everything that comes, brings good profit - above all the motifs with the faces.

The most important symbols in the Mystic secrets slot game

The man with a beard and the book are the two most important symbols in the game. The man serves as a wild symbol and can be used as a Joker. At the same time it is one but also for himself and that even if there are only two of the same symbols next to each other. Free spin rounds, there is an enhanced icon from him, which also acts as a Joker. Free games you will receive through the scatter icon, in the case of Mystic secrets, it is the book. The advantage: It counts even if the icons are freely anywhere on the reels and bought this even ten spins, which is still a mystical bonus.

Slot machines instructions of Mystic secrets

The buttons in Mystic secrets are actually self explanatory. You can also set the number of lines and your usage should be as high for each round. With the lines you change your odds of winning, why always the maximum number of 10 lines should be set.

If you win, offers the possibility of the risk mode you. While you put on a suit. Just your win is doubled when real gut feeling. But always be cautious, because there is also the danger, completely losing the round win.